EMERGEWORKS works for you.

Over 90% of United States businesses use staffing agencies.* 

Odds are, you're one of them. But does your staffing agency:

      • Save you time and money?

      • Get to know you?

      • Support their employees?


Our Services.

  • Providing solutions to staffing challenges for all your temp and temp-to-hire needs
  • No-fee after 240 billable hours (industry standard is 480)
  • 24/7 on-demand availability
  • Background checks and pre-screening of candidates
  • Diversity recruitment
  • Employee transportation 
  • Hiring events tailored to your business needs
  • Site-specific trainings

Your Benefits.

  • Individualized solutions to high turnover, seasonality, unplanned absences, rapid growth, and more
  • Reduced in-house HR expenses
  • Reduced overtime payouts
  • Reduced work-comp liability
  • Reduction in hiring risk and associated costs
  • Reduction in training costs
  • Ability to convert to permanent employees with no-fee in half the time
  • The right employee

Interested in learning more?

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