EMERGEWORKS knows our employees.


Does your staffing agency look like EMERGEWORKS?

We know our employees and we invest in them. We offer holistic supportive services to each EMERGEWORKS employee and are committed to their personal growth and success.

Our mission is to partner with people as they redefine themselves and create economic opportunities in our communities. 

Each employee has individualized access to our unique Employee Support Team as well as  countless other resources EMERGE Community Development has to offer.

Our Employee Support Team provides EMERGEWORKS employees with:

- Transportation to Work

- Career Coaching

- Industry Training

- Financial Counseling

- Work-readiness Training

- Employee Recognition Program

[EMERGEWORKS] really live[s] up to their stated mission. They don’t just give people jobs. They connect people. They partner with people. I wanted to redefine myself, and together that’s what we did.
— Vince Frazier, former EMERGEWORKS client and current EMERGE employee